Mold Technology

We at WEAsystec understand the mold to be the core element of the entire process. In order to generate a satisfatory outcome, everything has to work perfectly down to the last detail. Our injection molds for technical elastomers are characterized by sophisticated and precise design. We develop tools for:

  • Medium-voltage technology
  • Automotive and industrial sector
  • Agriculture and healthcare.

We supply injection molds for:

  • Automotive / Antivibration
    • Bushings, suspension and vibration damping for exhaust systems, vibration damping for drive train and chassis
  • Automotive / Sealing Systems
    • Shaft seals, membranes, flat seals, cable bushings, gaiters, joint boots, sealing plugs, and sealing flanges
  • Energy technology / electrical industry
    • Silicone/EPDM components for energy transmission systems, splices, connectors, and terminations
Mold chassis bushings
Mold for chassis bushings
mold for medium voltage boots
Mold for medium voltage boots
Mold rubber metal rings
Mold for rubber metal rings


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